Comments are Changing + Health Update

Comments are Changing + Health Update

Published on by Caytlin Vilbrandt.

Bah! I hate to have to do this, but unfortunately, the time has come.

Disqus, the platform I use for comments, is integrating ads into their free version. While I'm not necessarily opposed to ads, they have a really terrible batch they use -- autoplay videos, "one weird trick!" ads, things like that. And especially ads that aren't appropriate for Tamberlane's audience. I know there's some control on the back end, but frankly, it's not enough.

I had two options:

I could pay Disqus $10/month to stay ad free, but then I'd be sticking with what is, frankly, a lackluster service. The front page never shows the number of comments available, my ability to keep track of and reply to threads is abysmal, and I've really never been happy with the service.

Alternatively, I could switch to Squarespace's native comment system, which gives me more fine-tuning control. I can access comment moderation more easily and there's even a count on the front page for how many comments a post has! Unfortunately, this has one giant downside:

There is no way to import comments from another service.

After weighing my options for a few months, I've decided I'm going to go to Squarespace. I still have access to all the comments on Disqus, but unfortunately, I will not be able to bring them over. I'm sincerely sorry for any trouble this causes, but hopefully it won't have to happen again. 


In the meantime, thank you guys for your patience and enthusiasm during this Guest Comic period! I know it's gone on a while, and regrettably, it'll be going on for probably another month or so before the main comic is back.

My health has been abysmal lately, and since just about everything going on with me is undiagnosable, it's difficult to move forward. My last month can be summarized as two weeks of a stomach bug, an increase in my usual chronic joint pain, and some truly heinous other pains. I'm hanging in there though! I have another doctor's appointment today, and I'm trying more medications and altering my diet to see if we can find a solution. 

In the meantime, I am so incredibly, amazingly grateful for all the people who have stepped up like fucking heroes and made (or wrote and commissioned!) amazing, beautiful, wonderful guest work. Thanks to you, Tamberlane is not on hiatus while I'm too sick to sit at my work computer. 

That said, I have managed to do a little bit of work. I've got 2 pages of Chapter 3 done so far. If you want to keep abreast of new pages as they're made, I upload them for my $10+ patrons. Most of my efforts lately have gone toward catching up on $50+ patron work. But soon I'll be able to focus on Tamberlane again and do a little bit a day.

Anyway. Thanks for your patience and I look forward to doing more! Enjoy all the amazing guest content!